Thursday, March 24, 2011

To Grow or not to Grow...?

I have been thinking of ways to cut back a little bit as I tend to over spend every year in the garden.  How can I frugally grow the garden I want? There are always new things to add but I have to try to make it a little easier on the pocket book.  After going back and forth and visiting several nurseries, I decided I would try to start a few different flowers indoors.  If I can successfully grow even half of the seeds I planted, I can save a considerable amount of money..(uh oh there's a little voice saying, "or you can have more money to spend on other things") Stop it bad voice!  I really am trying to control 

After all my research, I went ahead and got some seeds a growing!

Here's part 1..nothing exciting just a lil dirt...

These are Impatiens and a few Dianthus.

I am also going to start Echinacea and Morning Glories but I need to wait a few more weeks before I can get those started.

I am very interested to see how this will go...There are always new things to try and while I am still not working I need to take advantage of my free time.  =)

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