Friday, March 25, 2011

Sweet Zoey Jane~

Today we are celebrating our one year with Zoey Jane.  She came to us one year ago today, she is seriously the best cat ever!  She has grown so much and is about 21 lbs.  Hopefully she won't get any bigger. :)


  1. Your Zoey Jane is a Beautiful Girl ~ She appears to be a Mainecoon. My Morgana was a Mainecoon and she was a good 20 lbs. In any event she is Gorgeous!

  2. She is as sweet as she is beautiful...and she poses just like a pro...

  3. Aww Thanks ladies. =) Angel, she is actually a Ragdoll, not quite as long as the Mainecoons seem to be. Maincoons are beautiful too! We are very happy with her. She has been an awesome addition to our family.


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