Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Half Green Thumb

I really miss my garden and spring cannot come soon enough. So, I thought I would give my half green thumb a try once again at some house plants.

My outdoor garden is delightful but as far as my indoor success well it is..brown. Half Green Thumb here. I for some reason have a hard time keeping plants alive indoors. Half the reason may be due to the poor natural light in my house, the other part is just, So, I am challenging myself with some new plants. Please welcome my two new house guests..African Violet and Ivy. How hard can this be? I read, read and read some more on how to keep these two happy.

They are only a week old so we'll see how they grow over the next few weeks. Now, Project Terrarium is on the way. Yep, they are coming back "in" if they ever were "in". And of course, I have to try one or two. I really want to turn my Half Green Thumb into a "Green Thumb". Wish me luck~

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