Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Feeling Spring...

Ah, so we are having almost 60 degree weather today.  I am thrilled!  Now, if it were fall it would feel cold out but because it has been so brutally cold here in the Midwest 60 degrees to me is almost shorts weather. 

I grabbed a cute lil bouquet of flowers at the market to brighten my day even more.

I love how natural the green daisy's are...regardless they look nice on the table.

As I sit here and reflect on all the things I want to accomplish just today, I start to feel a little anxious.  Why do I put so much on myself?  Well, because there are so many things that must be done.  I sometimes need to check myself and look around I have the time and really what is so urgent?  So I should relax a little.  Easier said than done.  But, I can tell you this, my flowers look pretty sitting here in the sunlight.  Out my back door I am looking at the squirrels fighting to get to my bird feeder.  There are 2 cardinals on the ground, a woodpecker in the tree and little sparrows here and there.  I am grateful for this life.  Today I am going to enjoy it, no pressure from my left brain...I hope. 

Enjoy Today~

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