Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Not sure why I was thinking of elevators today but this is how my brain works sometimes...

Elevators just freak me out.  I'm not sure what's creepier the fact that they are a box suspended by rope, hydraulic rams or the awkwardness of riding in one with complete strangers.

Now get me on an all glass elevator and I will be the girl standing in an almost fetal position head tucked to the floor, white knuckled.  Just praying to get me off of this thing in one piece (obviously I am not a fan of roller coasters). 

How about when you get in an elevator and no one is talking, all stuffed into each other acting as if this is a normal thing.  What is normal about getting into a box that moves with people I don't know and basically pretending like you do not know other people are there.  Standing with others blocking my view as I am stuffed into the back and everyone has blinders on.  I am not the only one pretending other human presence is not there...I think that there must be a rule book somewhere that states...when in an elevator with strangers, do not talk, do not make eye-contact and get off as fast as you can with a polite...excuse me.  Done..whooosh

Then however, there are those possibly even more awkward moments where someone decides to strike up a conversation...They obviously did not get the rule book...NO TALKING.  So, this person says, "How 'bout this weather" yep good one, I think to myself.  Or even better, "sure hope we don't have to stop at every floor"  Then they let out a loud belly laugh.  Hmmm, not sure what's funny about that but ok, I'll play along...hahaha I say, me too.   

I'm not anti-social, it's just awkward to be in a close place that is moving through floors by which I have no control and I am with strangers. 

Maybe next time, I'll just say "going up?" smile and turn away.

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