Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ocean Art~

My very talented husband made this ocean for our Christmas village. 
(click images to enlarge)
We no longer have enough room for our village so we trucked through the basement dusted it off  and are now using it
as a piece of wall art in the office.
All the fish, sharks & sea life are made by hand with clay and hand painted.
The shells we either had from our years of collecting or were a purchase.
He carved the ocean out of foam board insulation & painted it with different shades of blue to create the illusion of depth.

He created the image of waves by using a non-yellowing clear epoxy resin. Which is also over the top of the piece to protect it.
The ocean measures 3x5 feet, I think it's a pretty amazing piece of art.

We both love the ocean and any opportunity we have to visit her we try to take.  I wish to live near the ocean someday but for now I will visit and represent her through art and home decor.

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  1. OMG! That is really Beautiful~ The blues are gorgeous! :) That Really is an Amazing piece of Art ;~) I thought it was stone .....

    As for Clematis, it can be a real pain! Sometimes they die for no apparent reason.... also do not touch them without some kind of gloves. There are certain ones if you touch them that part will die off ???? To secure, I have some down by a wood Arbor, I tap small nails in for them to grab onto.If a vine is long enough,lift it so that it can grab the nail.... or you could wrap string or very thin wire around the nails and it will find it way up the wire ect. Somehow they usually find there way, once in awhile they need a little help. Hope this helps :)
    Thanks for stopping by,
    Enjoy your weekend ~


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