Monday, May 3, 2010

My Magazine Debut~

This past winter when it was so freezing cold, with mounds of snow all over the place, I received my January issue of Coastal Living. I love this magazine! It always takes me to another place, a place I one day hope to have my home....On the COAST! Living in the Midwest has been lovely but my heart is near the water (salt water) and every chance I get I make my way towards the coast. Last summer I was lucky enough to go sailing in the British Virgin Islands, living on the water for 10 days is amazing and the memories will last a lifetime. So back to my Coastal Living magazine...they were asking for beach vacation photos, so I starting going through my thousands of pictures. I decided to submit one of them and guess what?? Coastal Living loved it and advised me they will be putting it in their May issue...YAY! So, here's my magazine debut! lol!

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