Friday, May 7, 2010

Holy Cat!

I brought home a Ragdoll Kitten back in March. She is now just 4 months old. Ragdoll cats are known for their docile behavior and dog like personality, they are also known for their gentle nature and non-hunting instincts. Which is why I chose this breed, having birds I wanted harmony between all. Ok, well so far the harmony part is not quite the case. She is very curious about my birds and at first it was almost unbearable, throwing herself at the cages. We have to lock her up anytime we are not able to watch her to make sure she doesn't "attack". I don't think she would actually hurt them but play with them "roughly" as if a toy. I am using the squirt bottle training method which I believe she thinks is a game. And now I really believe that to be true, this cat is crazy! I have been bringing her in the bathroom with me when I shower so I know she is safe, well she loves the shower! I have never had a cat act this way but she has decided that is her shower time too. She is so silly she jumps in and out of the shower with me! lol, no wonder she thinks the squirt bottle is a fun game. Here is a picture of Zoey in her favorite place to rest - my centerpiece...Awww, I love my kitty!

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