Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I always say Life is what you make of it and I do believe this to be true. I know from personal experience that when I am in a good mood and thinking positively better things happen to me. I also know when I am having a down day and I start dwelling on the annoyances of life, my day never seems to go smoothly. It does not have to be anything major, something as small as looking for a specific spoon that I can't find or I pick up a pile of papers and they fall all over the place. Some days are easier to get through being positive and other days circumstances around us seem to make it harder. Are those circumstances to blame for my mood digression...No! They shouldn't be, I have worked very hard towards a balanced life and when "life" gets in my way my goal is to learn how to change those circumstances into positives. Sometimes, I need to remind myself that it is ok to be sad or angry, those are real human feelings and it would be unhealthy if I did not feel that way from time to time. This past week has been a true test of my emotions and sometimes I find myself asking why are all these things happening at once and to the ones I love?? I want to help, I want to comfort and make everything be ok but first I need to take care of myself and make sure I am ok. This is my life and it is what I make of it, I have learned over time that it just goes better when I am in a healthy state of mind.

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