Friday, April 30, 2010


As we get older are things just not that funny anymore? I use to laugh so much when I was younger, the smallest things amused me. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I do not laugh, I do. But as a child I remember laughing so hard my stomach would hurt and that would happen as part of my daily life. Today it seems that only happens once in a, I ask myself, am I more guarded today than I was yesterday? Or is this a common theme that happens as we get older and wiser? Hmmm, just saying that sounds ridiculous, things should not be less funny just because we know more or are older....Am I alone with this feeling? Today I sit and wonder because, Jordan, only 6 months of age can laugh if the wind blows differently. The smallest things amuse him, he is so happy and innocent. The mere freshness of a baby, his laughter so pure and real, so sweet. It is absolutely amazing what that sound can do to my soul. He makes me laugh, he brings me to another place one that is raw and unaware of lifes stresses. At that same time it can make me cry, not from sadness but from the overwhelming feeling of love I have for my family and how I just want to hold on to those precious moments forever. My heart, my laughter and my tears are all shared with my family, my love. Thank you Baby Jordan for laughter.

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