Tuesday, April 27, 2010

You know that feeling?

I was going about my business this morning when I was taken back by a feeling. Do you know that feeling, I am sure you all have experienced this before. You are minding your own business and all of a sudden a smell of some sort stops you dead in your tracks. You look around, no one is near, you get the goose pimples and you try so hard to reach back for that smell, but it is gone. You almost want to reach out and hug the air, sit down and reflect on the past. But what was that? Was it your imagination? It not only stopped you in your tracks but it brought about a feeling from the past, something so familiar, something so deep it almost brings tears to my eyes. What was that moment I ask myself? What year was it from, why can't I wrap my brain around it? It may have been a familiar smell of a food mom use to prepare for dinner or possibly the smell of a lost loved one, maybe a scent of a room where you once use to hang out. I try so hard to go back to that time for just a minute but that smell is gone, where did it go? I know it was real, it is so familiar to me but yet intangible and so far from my world today. Just going about my business when something beyond my control lets me know it's still there. Now that is an ah-ha moment for me.

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