Friday, May 13, 2011

I love May~

May is one of my favorite months..

My garden of flowers is starting to come together...

Cute lil Troll guy is napping amongst the hostas & Fuscia's...And...

This bird house I bought several years ago, I love how it has weathered.  I got a bit freaked out when I peaked inside and saw mama bird and babies not yet feathered...uh oh

Enjoy May~


  1. Oh How cute this garden is.... I love the little sleeping gnome. He looks like he is napping just in front of the opening to his little house, just under the Hosta :~) How Cute is that....
    Everything looks so Pretty ~
    May is one of the Best months,,,, lots of blooms :~)
    Have a Wonderful weekend ~ Angel

  2. Thanks Angel, I love being outside and now it is soo cold again...I'm anxious to get back out!

  3. Love the garden photos and the birdhouse is so very cute:)


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