Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Today was such a beautiful day...
 I had my mom & daughter over for lunch, we had a beautiful day~

When my daughter turned 14, I wrote her a poem..
Her name is Krystle (pro-nounced crystal), I was never able to have anymore children and she has always been so precious to me so I always called her

My Precious Krystle...(the title of my poem)

You are the love of my life
My sunshine when my days are dark
and when you smile you melt my heart.

You are my Precious Krystle

Your hugs are warmer than my thickest blanket and when you say,
"I love you Mom"
I hear an Angel sent from Heaven.

You are my Precious Krystle

Here you are today on your 14th birthday
All grown-up & stunningly beautiful.
You are ready to go take on the world.

And here  I am on your 14th birthday
Still wishing I could hold you on my lap
and sing you lullabyes.
But knowing all to well you are getting older and you need to
learn & explore some things on your own.

But, you will always be my precious Krystle

You will grow & I will learn as a mom to let you grow.
We will always have our hugs, smiles & I love you's
that will keep us mom & daughter.

14 years ago God sent me a Precious Krystle
and asked me to care for her & love her.
I thank him everyday for he sent me the
best Precious Krystle in the world....

This pretty much sums up the love I have for my daughter (who is now 21) and how much it means to be a mother.
I am grateful for my mom and grateful for my daughter.

I hope everyone had a blessed day today.

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