Monday, August 29, 2011

A Different Kind of a Beautiful Monday...

Today is a very hard day for many on the East Coast.  This year we have seen such outrageous weather and many of our loved ones have been affected by Mother Nature's forces.  
I am grateful for today as I am all days but I am also sad for my friends and family and their friends
and family on the East Coast.  What they have to wake up to today and what they have to do over the
 next however many of days to get their lives back to normal.
As beautiful as this Earth is, it never fails to remind us that she has 
the power and it is her Earth.
We must take care of her and take care of our fellow friends. 
Hundreds of people have been evacuated from their homes and thousands more 
are without power.  They need our support, so I encourage you 
You can donate as little as $10.00 and any denomination above that. 
I know our loved ones will be forever grateful...
And I wish you all a beautiful Monday.

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