Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I'm so late!

Aww schucks! I cannot believe the weekend went by so fast.  Not only did I miss 4th of July but I missed, What's Your Beautiful Monday...

Life has been so busy and my lil G-baby who is only 21 months old broke his leg..poor lil guy.  It broke my heart to see him in so much pain.  But man he's a trooper and I am so fond of his strength for such a lil guy! This is him with his temporary cast, he now has a permanent blue one.

I guess my head hasn't been here.
But I'm ready to come back and looking around
I sure have plenty to be thankful for. Aren't these flowers pretty...Does anyone know what they are, they were a gift without a name...? 

I hope you all had a very wonderful
4th of July Celebration and made happy memories to share with your family for many years to come...

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  1. Hi ! Don't feel bad, it's summer time to enjoy not sit in front of computer :) For me I generally post once a week...... it takes a lot of time :) It's time to enjoy outside ;)

    Awwww Poor Little Man,,, hope his leg mends quickly, so hard to be stuck in a cast for Summer :(

    Your plant I do believe is, Yarrow :)and it's very Pretty ~

    Have a Beautiful week ~
    Hugs ~ Angel


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