Sunday, June 12, 2011

I toadily have a new garden guest

I have seen this guy around my yard every evening around 8-ish
I told my husband Todd that I wanted to get a toad house since I read this guy can eat up to 1000 bugs per day!  And if you know me you know I am a squeemish girl who cannot tolerate pests...but bugs are the worst...and this lil guy well, he's kind a toad way.
Oh my goodness this is too funny... the look in this guys face just cracks me up.  I sure hope we didn't scare him away.  (of course Todd had to change the toad to todd) lol

I know this seems silly but I just had to get a picture of him in his

Aww, I hope he comes back...


  1. how adorable...he went into the house...i hope he comes back for will have to let us know

  2. OMG!!Thats too funny & Cute! :))
    We used to have frogs in the small pond.
    (actually before they were frogs) There were 4 Bud, Wise , Er & Ernie. They wer there foe about 2 years, then disappeared :((,, they used to leave the pond , one night I found Er on the deck when I went to take the trash out. He just hung out :) Hubby thinks the raccoons got them :(( and they were just starting to croak at night .............
    Oh,, how did I know it was Er,,,,? He was HUGE!
    Anyway your little toad brought a smile to my face and remembering ....... :)


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